White Glove Reading Competition Results

We are pleased to announce that at the North Shore District Regional 2016 in Reading, the following teams celebrated student leadership the best:

  • Ipswich Tigers (5459)
  • The Force Team (1073)
  • Devil Bots (2876)
  • The Firebirds (1965)
  • Robocats (1699)

If you are on one of these teams, congrats! You scored the best! Your mentors are hands off, while still supporting the team; and have a very student led team. You were awarded the White Gloves! If you aren’t one of these teams, better luck next time, and we hope to see and survey you at the next competition!

Some pictures of the competition are below, including pictures of the gloves being awarded, and Robotic’s Longest Congo line!


raiders1 raiders2 raiders3