Week 5 Update

Climber Group: They installed a new method for controlling the rope on the spool and tested it on the climber. It worked fairly well, but in the end bent. Tomorrow, they will be moving towards stronger brackets and supports.
Gear Group: They secured down some of the parts of the mechanism, getting it ready for final use.
Low Goal Group: They unfortunately had to restart on the construction because of some flawed wood. Progress was good on the new model, however.
High Goal Group: They tested the high goal shooter in a very early prototype stage. The flywheel they used seemed to launch the ball at a very convincing speed.
Software/Electronic Group: They started to refine out the placement of some of the sensors like cameras. There will be two cameras, one on the gear side – mounted below the gear mechanism – and one on the climber side – mounted below the climber. There were also talks about the placement of an ultrasonic on the front of the robot. Furthermore, there will potentially be a limit switch placed somewhere in the gear mechanism to detect when the gear is in the holder.