Reading Competition: Team Spirit Award

Our first FRC competition was on March 18th-19th at Reading High School

March 18th: On March 18th is the beginning of qualification rounds.

March 19th: This is the last day of competition, this is when the winners are decided. The winning teams were 5556 (Carriage Town Robotics), 4761 (Robockets) and 1071 (Team Max)

White Glove: The White Glove winners were team 1474 (Master Link Militia) and team 4572 (B[Ar]low Rob[Au]tics). We are attempting to promote the creation of robots by only the students and not the mentors. We are giving these awards and trying to create the White Glove Award as a regional award.

Team 4572 mentors

Team 1474 mentors


All of us were honored to get the team spirit award at the Reading competition. It is only awarded to the team who shows great enthusiasm and teamwork while working as a unified team. Spirit must be an integral part in all the team does including time at school, time in the community and at the competitions. The iRaiders are very proud of their community outreach this year. Next competition we are going to try and win the Engineering Inspiration Award for all our efforts in community outreach.