iRaiders compete at Boston University Regionals

The iRaiders successfully competed through 10 rounds to have the 10th highest cumulative score in autonomous mode. Autonomous mode requires all systems on the robot to be controlled by the on board computer with no human input. It represents one of the most complex phases of the competition. Overall the team finished with a 4-6 record for the 10 matches.

iRaiders at Boston University Regionals
Pictured from left to right front row: Phil Martel, James Horne, Meghan Cincotta, Tara Peterson, Stefan O’Brien, Ian Swan, Cam Markt; back row: Carl Nagel, Dan Cerys, Dick McConville, Scott Holden, Ethan Calamari, Innocent Asia, Andy Griscom, Duncan McLeod, Finn O’Brien, Jack O’Brien, Kylie Persons, Richie Garceau, Joe Valente, and Andrew Claxton[/caption]

This year’s team years represents a number of growth milestones for the team and the overall iRaiders program. To highlight these accomplishments the team applied for the chairman’s award that recognizes teams with an excellent program. Co-Captain Andrew Claxton, Joe Valente, and Tara Peterson represented the team in the interview process. Innocent Asia, co-captain, helped to co-author the written application.The team is larger than ever before with students representing Northeast Metro Tech, Malden Catholic, and Melrose High School.

The team has also benefited from the revamp in the CAD curriculum to bring it out of a 2D 1990’s mind set to using state of the art 3D CAD using the latest software. This has resulted in a wave of inspiration under the direction of Betsy Giovannardi, faculty of Melrose High, that has led to a 3D print of the robot by Northeast Metro Tech on a $15,000 printer and students down to the 7th grade level that are doing 3D CAD modeling.

The team high school team will now go on to two post season competitions at WPI and Northeastern University.