About The iRaiders

iRaiders is a First Robotics team from Melrose, Massachusetts that is dedicated to building a great robot, playing in competitions, and having a great time. This past year we designed, tested, and competed with our robot in Recycle Rush, a fast-paced game based around stacking totes and bins as quickly as possible to gain points. We overcame many obstacles in designing our robot, and ended in 60th place out of {placeholder} teams. This program is aimed towards anyone interested in science, math, or engineering, and is a ton of fun for everyone involved. Don’t worry if you’re a little inexperienced; everyone on the team is friendly and willing to help out.
If you would like to join please contact iraiders@googlegroups.com. In the Pre-Season we meet Mondays and Thursdays from 6-8. During the season we usually meet at Melrose High School Monday through Friday from 6-8 and Saturday from (10 – 2).