First Robotics Competition 2017 Game “SteamWorks”

First Robotics   “Steamworks” invites two opposing teams with alliances of three to prepare their steamships for a long distance race. Preparing for flight can be done in three ways. Firstly teams can take flight by building steam pressure. Robots collect fuel which is represented by 5 inch diameter green plastic balls. The fuel is then scored by being placed in a high and or low goal. The high goal however builds steam pressure faster than scoring in the low goal.Secondly robots score points by retrieving gears and delivering them to pilots (Human Players) who are located in the airship on the game field. Pilots then place gears on pegs and with all gears in place the rotors can be started. Lastly robots can climb on the the airship at the end of the match and take flight via a rope located adjacent to the airship. The IRaiders currently plan to design a robot focusing on low goal scoring and climbing aboard the airship.